I went to Otavalo Saturday and Sunday with the Oregon group. At the market I bought two paintings, a hat, a jersey, and food. I had to bargain on all of the items, since they assume you will and offer a high initial price. One painting, for example, I bargained down from $60 to $30. After lunch we went to see a local group of musicians playing guitar and homemade wooden flutes. Then we went to the waterfall and afterwards headed to our hostel on Lago San Pablo. For dinner we ate tostada, mote, potato pancakes, and plancha de pollo. The lake had a nice sunset.


The next day we went to Lago Cuicocha, a beautiful high-elevation crater lake north of Otavalo. Alden, Christopher, and I ventured up a small nearby mountain overlooking the lake and nearby valleys.


Back in Otavalo, we enjoyed lunch and revisited the market, where I bought and alpaca sweatshirt.