The main landmark for orientation in Quito is Pichincha; the base of this 15,407 foot volcano defines the western edge of the city. Nevertheless, though the climb requires no technical skills, few Quiteños actually do it. Cassidy, Tatiana, and I rode the teleferico (tram) to the base of the mountain and headed up this morning in beautiful, sunny weather. Here’s the photos!

Base of the mountain, the teleferico, and me with Quito in the background:

IMG_4978 IMG_4968 IMG_4977


IMG_4988 IMG_4993 IMG_4999

Day turns not-so-beautiful:

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Breaking out of the clouds near the summit:

IMG_5062 IMG_5070 IMG_5134

When I made it to the top nobody was there. Shortly afterwards I was joined by a couple from Spain, an Ecuadorian runner, somebody from France, and a few people from Switzerland. Here I am at 15,407, the highest I’ve ever been!

IMG_5100 IMG_5109

Hike back down in the fog, hail, rain, and wind: